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In order to produce the very best SAT and ACT courses and results, you must have the very best tutors. Most people would probably agree that the quality of the tutor is the single most important determinant of the overall quality of the course. You can be assured that Infiniva's tutors are, without exaggeration, simply the best in the area. In order to be hired, applicants must already possess excellent SAT scores themselves (usually a 720 or higher per section) and good communication and interpersonal skills so that they can relate well to the students and convey the content and strategies effectively. Then, before a new tutor starts working with a single student, he or she must undergo an extremely long and intensive training program, covering all aspects of the SAT/PSAT and the courses. The initial training typically lasts for 4 to 5 months and entails over 250 hours of instruction time! In short, by the end of the initial training, Infiniva tutors are extremely qualified and well trained for the courses and students they will take on. In addition, tutors are generally required to demonstrate even higher scores on the test by taking an officially administered SAT; most tutors have scored a 770+ (verbal tutors) or 780+ (Math tutors) -- per section -- on an actual SAT, scores that put them in the top one percent of test-takers. Compare our tutors with tutors or instructors from other companies, who may have only scored in the top 10% (if that) and have gone through little or no training.

Our past clients have been accepted to elite and selective schools such as Harvard College, Princeton University, Columbia University, MIT, Duke University, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Georgetown University, among many others.

In order to better meet your needs and preferences, our tutors are grouped into different tiers, based primarily on their experience, past track records, and reviews or recommendations from past clients. The prices for the courses are different for different tiers. Here is a list of the tiers and their definitions:

Standard Tutors: These are generally tutors with less than 1.5 years of experience (but sometimes more) at Infiniva and who have undergone the rigorous and comprehensive Infiniva SAT/PSAT training program and demonstrated the ability to score very highly themselves (generally in the top 1%) on the test.

Senior Tutors: These are generally tutors with at least 1.5 years to 3 years of experience at Infiniva and who have helped students achieve consistently good score improvements and received recommendations from past students.

Master Tutor: Darren Ko, the founder of Infiniva. He has been doing SAT/PSAT prep (both classroom teaching and private tutoring) for over 15 years, including about 14 years within our company, and ACT prep for over 9 years.

Owner/Head Tutor: Brian McDaniel has worked at Infiniva for over 10 years and consistently achieves superior score improvements and good or excellent reviews and recommendations from past students. 

Don't forget that every standard SAT/PSAT or ACT course (20 hours or longer) comes with a solid and significant money-back score improvement guarantee! This means whichever tutors or levels you go with, you can be assured of a certain minimum and significant result from the course. We would not be able to stay in business if most, or even a small percentage, of our clients qualified for and redeemed the refund that comes with the guarantee! In fact, we have only had to issue 6 refunds total in the history of the company.

To learn more and receive a coupon for a $100 discount on any Infiniva Tutoring course, please call us at (716) 332-6117 or complete and submit this form.

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