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Over 85% of Infiniva's SAT Subject Test students achieve scores in the 700-800 range on the official tests.

The SAT Subject Tests, one-hour tests in individual subjects students study in high school, are a second set of important tests for admissions to the most selective schools in the country. The schools that require these exams for application purposes usually ask for two or three exams (you can usually choose any subjects you wish). Your scores on these tests can be just as important as the scores on the SAT Reasoning Test. Therefore, you should always plan ahead and prepare for these tests to ensure the best scores. You may take up to three Subject Tests on a single test date. You cannot take both the SAT Reasoning Test and the SAT Subject Tests on the same date.

Infiniva offers courses for the most popular SAT Subject Tests. The courses are either 10 hours or 12 hours in length, depending on the subject. We recommend that you take the tests in May or June, near the conclusion of the classes for the tests, or in October or November, should you decide to wait until the summer after the conclusion of the classes. (It is usually best to take the tests in May or June when the material is most fresh in your mind.) We recommend devoting 5 to 8 weeks to each Infiniva SAT Subject Test course.

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Below is a list of the subjects for which we can offer courses. Call us if there is a subject/test you don't see that you would like tutoring for.



Mathematics Level 1

Mathematics Level 2

U.S. History

World History

Biology E/M




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