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Infiniva Tutoring

Are you looking for the very best tutors, improvements, and results for the SAT/PSAT?

Over 80% of Infiniva's SAT students improve by 220 to 450 points (composite) on the test.

Infiniva offers the most effective one-on-one private tutoring courses for the SAT and PSAT. With sophomores or juniors starting early enough, our courses prepare for both the SAT and PSAT. With seniors, we cover strictly the SAT.

We recommend that you call us as early as possible and start your SAT/PSAT preparation in the summer after the sophomore year. In some cases, if you contact us early enough, we may even recommend doing a first SAT/PSAT course during the sophomore year. We have achieved excellent results and improvements with past students who have started this early (in the sophomore year) (even better than our average students, who already achieve great improvements!). Generally, the earlier you start, the more time you have to prepare for and take the exam and the better the final results. Do not wait until the spring of your junior year or even later to begin your preparation!

Call us or fill out this form now to schedule a free diagnostic test and a free session.

The Infiniva Difference

One-On-One Setting

Most SAT/PSAT courses in the area are classroom courses, usually with 10-20 students per class. Infiniva insists on having each tutor work with one student at a time. There is no more effective setting than one-on-one, allowing the tutor to devote his or her complete attention to you and customize the course to your specific needs and strengths and weaknesses. We move through the course at the pace that is appropriate to you, focus more on the areas and topics that will yield the best score improvements, answer only your questions (as opposed to questions from 10 other students), and, in general, extract the maximum score improvements and best scores from you in the shortest amount of time and most efficient way possible.

Flexible Schedule

Because our courses are one-on-one, we can be much more flexible with the schedule. We can usually work with your schedule, whether you are a busy student, athlete, volunteer, student leader, or all of the above. There is no more missing sessions and important content and practice because you could not, say, make it to class on Wednesday night from 6 to 9 pm.

Top-Notch, Expert Tutors

Infiniva's tutors are simply the best in the area. In order to be hired, applicants must already possess excellent SAT scores themselves (usually a 720 or higher per section) and good communication and interpersonal skills so that they can relate well to the students and convey the content and strategies effectively. Then, before a new tutor starts working with a single student, he or she must undergo an extremely long and intensive training program, covering all aspects of the SAT/PSAT and the courses. The initial training typically lasts for 4 to 6 months and entails over 250 hours of instruction time! By the end of the initial training, Infiniva tutors are extremely qualified and well trained for the courses and students they will take on. In addition, tutors are generally required to demonstrate even higher scores on the test by taking an officially administered SAT; most tutors have scored a 770+ (verbal tutors) or 780+ (Math tutors) -- per section -- on an actual SAT, scores that put them in the top one percent of test-takers. Compare our tutors with tutors or instructors from other companies, who may have only scored in the top 10% (if that) and have gone through little or no training.

In order to better meet your needs and preferences, our tutors are grouped into different tiers, based primarily on their experience, past track records, and reviews or recommendations from past clients. The prices for the courses are different for different tiers. Here is a list of the tiers and their definitions:

Standard Tutors: These are generally tutors with less than 1.5 years of experience (but sometimes more) at Infiniva and have undergone the rigorous and comprehensive Infiniva SAT/PSAT training program and demonstrated the ability to score very highly themselves (generally in the top 1%) on the test.

Senior Tutors: These are generally tutors with at least 1.5 years to 3 years of experience at Infiniva and who have helped students achieve consistently good score improvements and received recommendations from past students.

Master Tutor: This is a tutor who has worked at Infiniva for over 3 years and consistently achieves better-than-average score improvements and good or excellent reviews and recommendations from past students. There is only one Master Tutor at this point, and he has almost 8 years of experience of SAT/PSAT prep with the company.

Proctored and Realistic Diagnostic Exams

Each course comes with a set of proctored diagnostic exams. It is essential that students preparing for the SAT take proctored diagnostic exams under realistic conditions. Thus, we hire a proctor, furnish our students with official or real SAT exams, and hold the diagnostic exams on the weekends starting at roughly the same time as the actual SAT in order to make the testing experience as realistic and beneficial as possible. The diagnostic exams give the students practice for the actual exam and provide both the students and tutors with valuable feedback throughout the course on how the student is progressing in the course.

All the diagnostic exams are included in the price of the course.

Books and Materials

Infiniva uses about 5 to 7 books with each SAT course, including the Official SAT Study Guide, the only official guide to the SAT, published by the College Board, the organization that administers the exam. Using official questions directly from the testmaker is criticial to being familiar with and studying for the SAT. We use primarily official questions in the tutoring sessions, and all of our diagnostic exams use real or official SATs. We also use books from other sources which provide important additional practice as well as reading and instruction on strategies and techniques, content, and vocabulary words. Put together, the books in the course represent the best materials we have found on the market and form the basis for the homework, an important component of the course.

All the books and materials are included in the price of the course.

Unmatched Results

Infiniva's SAT/PSAT private tutoring courses boast the best average score improvements of any course in the area. For example, in the 30-hour SAT course, students can typically expect to improve by 250 to 350 points (composite improvement: CR+M+W). In the 40-hour SAT course, we actually usually achieve composite improvements of 300 to 400 points. If you know anything about the SAT and what a "good" score improvement means, you will understand that these numbers are huge. In contrast, most other SAT courses, especially classroom courses, probably deliver improvements on the order of 60 to 120 points (again, this is a composite improvement, meaning CR+M+W) in most cases. We challenge any company or tutor in the area to document and substantiate average results that can match or beat ours.

Money-Back Score Improvement Guarantee

Each of our standard SAT/PSAT private tutoring courses comes with a money-back score improvement guarantee. Provided that your starting score is 1800 or below (composite score), you are guaranteed a 170-point improvement in the 20-hour course, a 220-point improvement in the 30-hour course, and a 280-point improvement in the 40-hour course. (We also guarantee improvements for starting scores higher than 1800, although the guarantees are somewhat lower for these scores because it is generally more difficult to improve scores from a very high starting score.) In order to qualify for this guarantee, you must attend all of the tutoring hours, meet at a regular pace with the tutor, complete the course no earlier than 10 days before your target SAT, complete at least 90% of the homework on time, take a minimum number of proctored diagnostic tests (this number varies depending on the course), and meet a few other conditions. Should you meet the guarantee requirements and not achieve the guaranteed improvement on the official SAT ("first SAT"), we will provide you with a set of free tutoring hours (between 10 and 18 hours, depending on the course and your exact score on the "first SAT") to prepare for a second official SAT ("second SAT"). If you do not achieve the guaranteed score on the "second SAT" (and you have met the conditions of the guarantee), we will refund at least 20% of the course tuition to you.

No other course in the area, private tutoring or classroom, provides such a strong money-back guarantee. Most courses, if they provide a guarantee at all, offer a 10-point guarantee ("higher score")!

Try Out the Course for FREE!

If you are still unsure whether doing an Infiniva SAT/PSAT course is the right choice for you, we offer a free proctored diagnostic test and free introductory session after the test. The diagnostic test will provide you with accurate information about your current and starting scores and strengths and weaknesses, regardless of whether or not you have already taken an official SAT or PSAT. During the free introductory session, we can go over the results of this exam with you, help you construct and recommend a study and preparation plan, and introduce some powerful strategies for tackling the exam. Once you have gotten all of this information and gotten a taste of the course, you can decide for yourself whether an Infiniva SAT course will help you reach your goals. We are confident that it will, although there is certainly no obligation to commit to a course afterwards. Call us today at 716-332-6117 to schedule the free test and session!

To learn more and receive a coupon for a $100 discount on any Infiniva Tutoring course, please call us at (716) 332-6117 or complete and submit this form.

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